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Local Areas

Tunbridge Wells

Wells is a popular tourist destination, especially for those who are
interested in seeing more of Great Britain (staycations are all the rage
these days!).  Steeped in history, Tunbridge Wells has a plethora of
stately homes, guided walking tours and shopping opportunities for you
to indulge in.  Even if you’re from the area, I’ll bet there is
something available to do that you’ve never done before!  Please see
below a starter list of what you can visit in the area:

Dunorlan Park     Dunorlan
Park is a wide and beautiful public park, open to anyone to take in the
views and find a bit of peace in the countryside.  Several events take
place there every year, so click on the link above if you don’t want to
miss out!

The Pantiles

Pantiles walkway is ideal if you are after a shopping and dining
experience that differs from the usual.  Instead of the usual same-old,
big name stores you see colonising every city these days, The Pantiles
is full of quirky shops and boutique tea rooms for you to enjoy.

High Rocks

Rocks is Tunbridge Wells’ example of nature at its most gorgeous.
 Massive sandstone rocks dot a large area of luscious green, and attract
rock climbers and ramblers from all over the UK.  Many people even
choose to get married against this pretty backdrop!

Tunbridge Wells Commons

lovely park and woodland area for taking in the scenery.  Visit the
link above for more details, and to learn about the plants and wildlife
you can expect to see on a trip there!

If you want a broader scope on what there is to do and see in Tunbridge Wells, pay for a detailed list of what’s available!

Resident of Tunbridge Wells?  Need a chimney sweep? Give me a call.  I’m more than just a human hive of handy tourism info!




– situated in the county of Kent.  As well as being famed for being a
 busy market town, it has been many other things over the years,
including a base for a medieval settlement and at one point, it even
housed a World War 2 Prisoner of war camp!  But that’s enough of what
Tonbridge was!  What can you see there now?

Tonbridge Castle –

dilapidated and missing floor, Tonbridge Castle has been restored to
its original splendour and now opens its grand gates so that the public
can tour it and attend the many year-round events that are held there.

River Medway –

River Medway flows through Tonbridge and many other towns too.  It is
around 70 miles long and has many fascinating historical sites dotted
along its course that are well worth strapping your life jacket on and
setting sail to explore!

Tonbridge Farmer’s Market

loves to keep things local, especially when it comes to food!  If you
are native to Tonbridge, and you don’t know the simple pleasure in
knowing where your groceries come from, then you are missing out!  It’s
good to be able to get to know the local farmers who dedicate their time
to keeping you fed and happy.  Broaden your horizons by staying local!

There’s tonnes to do in Tonbridge!  For more ideas of activities, events and attractions, visit

Do you and your chimney call Tonbridge home?  Let me know if you require the services of a professional chimney sweep!

– James The Sweep



Tonbridge by James the chimney sweep


is a village that has blossomed over the centuries from stately mansion
to full blown village.  The turning point, according to local
historians, was around the 13th century when a market was established
there.  Nothing brings people together quite like a bit of shopping! The
village still holds onto its roots appearance-wise and is a picturesque
feather in the cap of British tourism.  Sevenoaks is far from hard on
the eye!

Knole House

the most impressive vista you can clap your eyes on in Sevenoaks.  This
building is huge! It looks more like Disney castle than a mere mansion.
 A tour around the lush green grounds and lavish interior will make you
feel as though you’ve stepped into another world.  

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

back to nature in a calming and peaceful setting.  You can spend hours
upon hours just rambling about and keeping one eye on the placid lake
for wildlife that you wouldn’t otherwise have spotted.

Sevenoaks Stag Community Arts Centre

best in theatre, cinema and other forms of live entertainment.  Great
whether you want to indulge in a bit of culture or watch a silly movie
with the kids.

The Reef Spa

Ease your mind, body and soul in this relaxing spa that’s handily situated right in the heart of Sevenoaks.  

advisor know their stuff!  If you need a gentle nudge towards the kinds
of activity that would best suit you in Sevenoaks, then this is the
place to look.

you a resident of Sevenoaks?  I’m often in the area, so I’d be more
than happy to hear from you if you need a good chimney sweep!

– James The Sweep





sits on the South Eastern edge of London.  An urban area with no
shortage of things to keep inhabitants busy and visitors returning!
Bronze age and Roman bits and bobs have been unearthed all over
Orpington over the years – proof that it’s been a popular home to many
for centuries!  Here are a few places in the area you can visit now:

Panancea Coffee & Wine Lounge

several reviews on this site of happy customers who are more than
impressed with the service at this classy little lounge. A visit to
Panacea will either leave you full of beans, full of booze or both!  Top
that off with some tasty treats and you’ve got yourself a winning

Walnuts Leisure Centre –

sprightly?  Walnuts leisure centre has plenty of enjoyable ways for you
to let out some excess energy.  I recommend the family and teen roller
disco for a bit of vintage fun!

The White Hart Pub –

chilled pub that offers a warm welcome and a cold pint!  Or if tipple
on tap doesn’t do it for you, they offer a wide variety of cocktails to
sip on as you watch the even wider range of entertainment they provide!

talk are the experts on what’s going on in and around Orpington.  Your
next day out or night on the tiles could be just one click away!

Do you live in Orpington?  Is your chimney in need of a sweep?  It’d be my pleasure to help!

– James The Sweep



Orpington chimney stack by James the chimney sweep


Crawley is an area where people have always traditionally used fires to
make their lives easier.  As a chimney sweep, I find it interesting
that centuries ago, simple furnaces were built and have since developed
and modernised in their uses over time.  There is even a street in
Crawley to commemorate this… Furnace Street! Like many areas all over
Europe during World War Two, Crawley was subject to much destructive
bombing, but the resilience of its residents have seen it grow and
develop into the much loved place it is today!

Crawley Museum –

started up by local history boffins, Crawley Museum has an
ever-changing plethora of exhibits that take you from the stone age
right the way up to the modern day!

Thorpe Park –

a stone’s throw from Crawley is the infamous Thorpe Park.  If you’re an
adrenaline junkie, it’s worth a visit to experience some of the UK’s
most impressive rides, like their latest white knuckle thrill The Swarm.

Goffs Park –

the idea of being thrown around in the air at several miles an hour
sets your teeth on edge, then Crawley’s more relaxed offering of Goffs
Park is probably more your bag.  It offers 50 acres of land.  Plenty of
space to get lost in nature or get even more lost in your thoughts.

Online is a simple-to-navigate site with a comprehensive list of things
to do as well as a few tidbits on local history for those who are

Does your dirty chimney or fireplace in Crawley have you crawling up the wall? Fear not, I am here to help!

– James The Sweep


can find Edenbridge in the Sevenoaks district of Kent.  If you type the
place name into Google, you will also see that it is the name of a
symphonic metal band! In reality, Edenbridge itself doesn’t have
especially rock �n� roll roots, but you might be interested to know that
the town grew from a now disused Roman road, and in the middle ages, it
was an important part of the Wealden iron industry.

Edenbridge is said to be one of the fastest growing towns in Kent, and so it still lives up to its burgeoning, busy past.

Edenbridge Sub Aqua Club –

into your time at Edenbridge with both feet by trying your hand at
scuba diving!  If you are local and fancy a dip, the club meet weekly at
Edenbridge Leisure Centre.  

Eden Valley Museum-

Edenbridge has a rich history of major social changes, it can be too
easy to forget the locals who made that history happen.  Eden Valley
Museum is in a picturesque farmhouse and guides you through the lives
lived and trinkets collected by locals over the years.

Manic Monsters-

you are treating your little terrors to a day out, then the best place
to take them is Manic Monsters.  Enough fun activities and games to
channel their energies til they’re docile.  Everyone’s a winner!

Run by locals in Edenbridge, the town has its very own website:

Over the bridge in Edenbridge?  I’ll make the trip in a jiffy to sweep your chimney!

– James The Sweep

Crawley Down

Down is a fairly small village in West Sussex.  The area has a single
school and church , and boasts a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.
 Removed from the rat race, Crawley Down is a pretty rural area that
attracts a lot of outdoorsy types!  Horse riders, trail walkers and bird
spotters simply love the richness of nature of the place.

Cineworld Cinema –

a couple of hours and want something fun to fill them with?  Crawley
Down has a Cineworld cinema, so you can take in the very biggest and
latest blockbusters.

Ifield Barn –

Barn is home to Crawley Down’s self supporting theatre group.  They’ve
always got fantastic plays on to tickle your cultural fancy.

The Hawth Theatre –

you enjoy the occasional trip to Ifield barn, then the Hawth Theatre
should also be right up your street! As well as plays and productions,
the Hawth is also a popular venue for touring acts and artists.  At the
time of writing this, the Osmonds were in town and playing here!

Crawley Down Lawn Tennis Club –

yourself the next Henman or Murray?  Strap on your tennis shoes and
show the other residents of Crawley Down what you’re made of!

Stay in the loop about the goings on in Crawley Down by visiting:

you need a chimney sweeping, a bird’s nest removing, or a misbehaving
flue and you live in Crawley Down, I’m your man! – James The Sweep

Petts Wood

of Petts Wood’s most notable former residents is TV personality and
comedian Jack Dee!  In case you’d not already guessed, Petts Wood got
its name from the surrounding woodland, and so nature enthusiasts and
other lovers of the great outdoors like to pay the area a visit.

it is away from the centre of London, the commute from Petts Wood for
locals is an easy one, as there are regular and easily accessible modes
of public transport heading to the heart of our capital.

Petts Wood Runners –

Wood holds and infamous 10k race even, and so it makes sense that it
also houses a popular and well run running club!  The Petts Wood Runners
meet on a weekly basis and provide a great opportunity to make new
friends and keep fit at the same time.

Petts Wood Library-

library offers a rich collection of books,old and new and it also has
plenty of seating so that you can go along and lose yourself in your
favourite works of fiction.


a small human on the way?  Need to find all the bits and pieces you
need to make your new addition to the family comfortable?  Petts Wood’s
Babycare store has anything you could possibly need under its roof.

Petts Wood Bowling Club –

your bowling skills and meet some wonderful people by taking part in
Petts Wood’s men’s and women’s bowling club.  The perfect way to spend a
sunny afternoon!

the pictures of Petts Wood’s beautiful greenery on this website doesn’t
have you itching to go out and explore, then I don’t know what will!

I’m often in Petts Wood, so if you need any of my services, then I am just one phone call away!

– James the Sweep

Chimney sweep Sevenoaks Weald


Sevenoaks Weald

you head South of Sevenoaks town, you will stumble on a little gem
called Sevenoaks Weald (or as it was formerly know, simply Weald).
 Before it was a village, Sevenoaks Weald started out with a single
chapel, which was built for the convenience of the locals so that they
wouldn’t have to go too far afield to the nearest one to worship, which,
at the time was in Sevenoaks itself.  Since then, people have made a
home of the land surrounding it and Sevenoaks Weald developed over time
to be the quaint and friendly place we know and love today.  

The Windmill Freehouse –

TV soaps have taught us anything, the local pub should be a place where
locals can meet up, bond and chill out after a hard day’s work.  And
that’s exactly what The Windmill strives to be – a hub in the community
and a friendly place to eat, drink and be merry with familiar faces from
the local area.  The Windmill is warm, welcoming and family run.
 Families always welcome, and they serve food with a cracking homemade

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum –

a fifty acre display of old style homes and shops that take you back in
time and tell you what like was like centuries ago.  There are regular
events and demonstrations always on throughout the year, so be sure to
check the website for what’s going on right now!

Weald Music Society-

an ear for music?  Sevenoaks Weald has its very own music society, and
they often give performances.  So if you’re curious to see where they’re
playing next, then have a gander at their website!

Keep up with what’s what and what’s when and where on the Weald village website!

You’ll do well to ask me to sweep your chimney if you live in Sevenoaks Weald!

– James the Sweep

Sevenoaks Weald by James the chimney sweep


areas around Hartfield may have been made familiar to you without your
prior knowledge.  Where you ever read Winne The Pooh books as a child?
 Then that’s how!  A young Christopher Robin Milne grew up in Hartfield,
and later on, his father, the famous A.A Milne went on to write his
classic Winnie The Pooh books featuring him and his adventures with a
loveable yellow bear and his friends.  There is a bridge in the area
that has been restored for the public to view, as it is the bridge where
the game Pooh Sticks was invented!

Pooh Corner –

Hartfield, Pooh Corner is where you can find the largest collection of
Winnie The Pooh paraphernalia around, and it is also where you can play
Pooh Sticks on the well known bridge itself!  And after having a good
nose around, you can have a little something at Piglet’s cafe.


is an annual event held in Hartfield that centres around children’s
stories.  It’s a fun few days of readings, workshops and films, and is
the perfect treat to inspire and encourage aspiring young writers from
an early age!

Treblers Ponies-

kids will be hot to trot when you suggest they give horse riding a go
at Treblers Ponies.  They have lessons for children of all abilities,
and a big number of mild mannered and well trained horses to learn and
bond with.

Some history and facts about the area of Hartfield:

Is your chimney making you cry “Oh, bother!” If so, let me know and I’ll do my best to help!

– James the Sweep

Hartfield chimney sweep

Hartfield chimney sweeps

Hartfield chimney sweeping


Maresfield is a civil parish situated near the areas of Nutley, Fairwarp and Uckfield.  Apparently, the name “Maresfield” came from an Old English word for “marsh” or “pool”.  But don’t let that make you feel bogged down.  If you choose to visit Maresfield, you won’t experience any kind of sinking feeling, despite the place name’s watery origins.

Chequers Inn –

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Maresfield, then you may enjoy the Chequers Inn.  The building is impressive in stature and even more impressively modern and well-decorated when you step inside!

West Meadows Bed & Breakfast –

If the Chequers Inn isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer something more low key, but no less comfortable, then you’d do well to stay at the West Meadows bed and breakfast in Maresfield.  It has all the commodities you’d need for your stay, and is both close to local amenities and easy on the wallet.

Woodland Adventures –

Woodland Adventures is the ideal place to show off your survival and fitness skills.  They house outdoor activities and test your mettle with tricky obstacle courses.  Take your family along and show them who’s the victor!

Maresfield currently has a website that is regularly updated with fun things to do in and around the area.

Sweeping your chimney proving to be a right ‘mare in Maresfield? I can help!- James The Sweep

chimney sweep Maresfield


Just a stone’s throw from Tunbridge Wells, and with ready transport to Eastbourne, London and Gatwick airport, Crowborough is a pretty well connected place to live!  Just out if the way enough to avoid the stresses of city living, it is quaint and picturesque but not so twee that you feel disconnected from civilisation.

Crowborough also boasts Arthur Conan Doyle as one of its most famous former residents, and is now home to one of the only statues celebrating his memory.

Hill Cottage –

If you are paying Crowborough a visit, then it pays to stay in some of the best accommodation it has to offer.  Hill Cottage, with it’s sandstone walls and imoressive beams gives you the impression that you are tucked away in a quiet, idyllic corner of the countryside, when in reality you are mere minutes away from the nearest shops and transport!

Crowborough Leisure Centre –

Crowborough leisure centre is perfect for splashing, swimming, parties and pumping iron! Whatever gets yours and the kids’ blood pumping, you’re sure to find the activity to suit your needs here.

Hunger Games Training Camp –

How cool is this idea?? Based on the explosively popular movie franchise The Hunger Games, this action packed adventure day outdoors teaches skills like self defense, archery and fitness as you and your peers battle it out with other districts to become the victors!

If you want any more information about Crowborough, then where better to look than the official town website?

Crow’s (or any other bird’s for that matter!) nest clogging up your chimney in Crowborough? Let me know and I’ll have it out in no time! – James The Sweep


Hadlow is peacefully nestled in the Medway Valley in Kent.  Not too far from Tonbridge, it is a fairly quiet and calm place to explore.  A good, healthy tonic for the ailments of the city dweller.  Part of the rat race, it aint!

Hadlow Tower –

According to local legend, Hadlow Tower was originally erected in the 18th century by a man who went to some pretty excessive lengths to spy on his wife that he was convinced was cheating on him; the logic behind it being that if he built the tallest vantage point in the area, she couldn’t escape his sight.  Now restored to its former glory, the towers is open to the public to come along and take a peek at Hadlow from an aerial view.  Who knows what you might see!

Hadlow Manor Hotel –

This Hotel is an ideal venue for a wedding, a corporate function, or a party.  It is also perfect if you want to treat yourself to a luxury stay and pamper yourself to a happy pulp!

Broadview Gardens –

Broadview Gardens in Hadlow is a fine example of man’s taming of nature.  It boasts a couple of rare collections, and a tea room ready for when you have spent some relaxing time exploring.  Nothing beats a cuppa after a nice stroll.  How very British!

Good old Wikipedia has a fair bit of detail about the facts and history surrounding Hadlow, Kent.


Had enough of your faulty flue in Hadlow?  Fill in an enquiry form and let me know what the problem is- James The Sweep


Goudhurst is the pride of its residents, who regularly enjoy its quirky layout and vistas of red roofs and stone churches.  It is set against a lush, green backdrop of rolling hills and fields, but it is not your typical rural ghost town.  There are shops and scenic strolls aplenty for those who are settled in as well as people eager to discover its secrets.

Finchcocks Musical Museum-

Does what it says on the tin.  Finchcocks is a museum dedicated to the history of music.  It can also be hired for functions and events.  If you have a look on the website above, you will also be able to view an up-to-date list of constantly updated forthcoming events.

Scotney Castle-

So many people have fallen in love with Scotney Castle in Goudhurst that they now hire the place out for small weddings!  In appearance, the castle is positively Disney-esque in its fairytale qualities.  The gardens are just as easy on the eye, and the tea room will help to fill your belly once your appetite for beauty has been sated.

Bewl Water Outdoor Centre –

Bewl Water Outdoor Centre is the largest expanse of water in Goudhurst and the surrounding areas.  Many have discovered the opportunity for water sports, and so several lessons and club meetings are held here for said sports.  However, if getting your feet wet isn’t your thing, there is a wonderful cycle path around the lake’s perimeter that is open to cyclists in the summer months

The flowery, loving description of Goudhurst alone is worth a click onto this wonderful site! It also has lots of pictures taken decades ago for you to enjoy and reflect on.  If you live in the area, you might want to have a look and see how much or little the place has changed over the years!


If you are from Goudhurst and would like to employ me for any of my services, I would be happy to oblige- James The Sweep


Pembury is a neat, green town centred around a much-loved village green.  Situated close to Tunbridge Wells, it isn’t as suburban as you’d imagine.  As well as the well-kept homes and attractive, man-made green areas, Pembury is home to a lot of wooded area.  While there aren’t too many shops in the area’s centre, the vast number of pubs and other amenities indicate a strong communal heart.

The Pembury Tavern-

A cornerstone to the local community, the Pembury Tavern is a fairly modern-looking building with a very traditional feel.  It serves great food, a mind-boggling array of drinks, and you can of course also expect great company and familiar faces!

Bluecaps Llama Farm-

So…when you think about days out, I bet llama trekking isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind.  Probably because you weren’t aware that such an activity exists!  But it does!  Pembury’s Bluecaps llama farm has an impressive number of llamas available for scenic strolls around the countryside.  They are available for all kinds of events, from children’s birthday parties to hen do’s!

Teapots Island-

Yup, it’s as baffling as it sounds!  Not quite in Pembury, but in neighboring area Maidenhead, just a short trek will take you to a display of teapots whose designs range from the twee to the downright bizarre!  If you have a birthday party coming up, you can even arrange your own paint your own teapot party.  Something different!

The Pembury village website is easily accessible and cleanly laid out for ease of use so that you can get to whatever information you need quickly and easily.

If you live in Pembury or its surrounding areas, I am free to have a look into your chimney and fireplace niggles.  – James The Sweep


Maidstone sits astride the meandering river Medway, and isn’t too hard on the eye!  Formerly a heavy industry town, over the years, the industry has evolved into one that produces lighter goods.  Maidstone is also Kent’s county town and rightly so.  It’s a little bit gorgeous! The area is brimming with things to do, and places to see, so if you intend to visit, you might need to give yourself a few days to get fully acquainted!

River Medway Jubilee Boats
A great way to take in the extent of Maidstone from one end to the other is by hopping on a rented boat.  You can tour the area via the calm waters of the river Medway, and it’s cheap as chips to do so too!  Prices start at ten pounds!  Not too shabby.

Maidstone Museum & Art Gallery –
Take in a spot of culture on your visit to Maidstone by exploring the museum’s historical artifacts, and then feasting your eyes on a wonderful array of art that spans many styles and eras.  Might sound cheesy, but there is fun to be had in learning new things!

Clare Park, Maidstone –
Once you’ve finished cruising the river and taking in some art and history, let some of that excess energy out at Clare Park.  Whether your sport is baseball, netball, football or tennis, there’s space and facilities for pretty much every sporting activity you can think of.  Unless you’re into extreme ironing or something like that.  What?!  It does exist, you know!

If you plan on visiting Maidstone, or if you’re curious about what you might have missed out in your local area, Visit Maidstone has all the information you could need, and maybe even a bit more!

In distress because of a faulty flue?  I’ll help , because I care!  What do you think I am, Maid-of-Stone?? … The puns are getting worse, aren’t they?
– James The Sweep

Maidstone by James the chimney sweep

Maidstone by james the chimney sweep


Mayfield  is a busy town in  East Sussex, boasting many shops shops and businesses, as well as some historical churches and an all-girls’ Roman Catholic boarding school that dates back to 1872!   Not so far from Mayfield also stands an impressively old windmill dubbed The Argos Hill Windmill – standing tall since 1831.  As a grade 2 listed building, it attracts curious history boffins from all over the UK!

Fun Abounds Trampoline Centre –

Okay, let’s be honest.  With a name like Fun Abounds Trampoline Centre, you don’t really have to do a lot of explaining what to expect when you visit this place.  If you are from, or are visiting Mayfield, I dare you… no, I double dare you to pay this place a visit and not have a great day out! Bounce your brains out!

Spa Valley Railway-

Spa valley attracts all kinds of special visitors – from Peppa Pig to Santa Claus himself! These old fashioned steam and diesel trains provide a backdrop for all kinds of fun events.  So if you are from Mayfield and don’t mind travelling a few miles out out town to make your kids’ day, then Spa Valley Railway is for you!

Groombridge Enchanted Forest –

Intrigued? Groombridge Enchanted Forest is home to several kinds of unusual flora and fauna.  A little way out of Mayfield lies this fascinating place for exploration and adventure, and if you are feeling extra-specially heroic, you can brave the assault course they have set up there!

Mayfield and Five Ashes have a joint community website where you can see several events and keep on top of local news as it comes in.

If you own a working chimney and need to have it swept in Mayfield, then I may be of assistance! – James The Sweep


Wadhurst is a fairly small market town that, despite its unremarkable size, has managed to maintain a decent number of local shops and a regular throng of visitors.   Many of the buildings in Wadhurst are centuries old, bar from a collection of shops that were built to replace a hotel, which a plane flew into and demolished in the1950s.

Bowles Snowsports Centre –

This one is for the adventurous types.  Situated not too far away in Tunbridge Wells is Bowles Snowsports Centre.  It has a couple of hair raising dry ski slopes, and plenty of  opportunities for rock climbing.  The instructors are superb, so if you are new to outdoor pursuits such as these, there’s no need to be nervous!

Treejumpers –

Another action packed, adventure-filled day out.  Tree Jumpers opens midweek and on weekends, and puts on a plethora of fun activities such as archery and abseiling.  It’s great for little kids, big kids, hens and stags, so the next time you want to plan something big and fun, bear Tree Jumpers in mind!

Bewl Water –

Bewl Water is another place you will have to travel a short distance to reach, but believe me, a little extra effort will be well worth it!  The largest inland water in the South East, and one of the most beautiful too!  If you time it right, you can watch a glorious sunset over the still water. is bursting with information that’s relevant to people who live in the area, and people who want to come and explore.  It also has a section on Ticehurst.

Got a chimney that’s in need of a good sweep?  Give me a call and I’ll get a waddle on down to Wadhurst! – James The Sweep

chimney sweep wadhurst


Eastbourne is an ideal setting for anyone who loves to holiday near the sea.  It has an impressive pier that’s always full of entertaining things to do and watch, and if you fancy a ramble, Eastbourne is also pretty close to Beachy Head, which is the highest chalk cliff face in Britain.  Just imagine the view from the top!  Or maybe if you’re not much of a mountain climber, you can just fantasize about the view from the top whilst sucking down an ice cold pint at one of Eastbourne’s many pubs.

Beachy Head –

If you are of the outdoorsy variety, then Beachy Head has stunning views, as I’ve mentioned before, and you can whittle away a whole day wandering around its trails and climbs.  And if you’re even more adventurous than that, you can attempt the annual Beachy Head marathon.  A fair warning:  It’s not for the faint hearted!  Lots of climbs and descents.  Flat course it aint!

South Downs National Park –

Famed for its stunning beauty and nature trails, you can lose yourself in South Downs National Park for hours.  Be sure to plan your route ahead of your trip, and, of course, enjoy yourself!  Maybe pack a sandwich or six for an impromptu picnic!

Museum of Shops –

Yep.  A museum dedicated solely to that most wonderful of British past times….shopping!  Eastbourne’s Museum of shops displays a huge number of shop fronts, some of which show what was being bought by the public almost a hundred years ago!  A fascinating day out and a wholly different take on the art of window shopping!

Visit Eastbourne is always impressively up-to-date and bulging with events that will please both grown-ups and kids alike.  Never a dull day in Eastbourne!

I often work in Eastbourne, so if you have a chimney/flue/fireplace related job for me, then let me know! – James The Sweep

Eastbourne views by James the chimney sweep

East Grinstead

Grinstead sits a short distance from Crawley and Tunbridge Wells and
contains the longest run of 14th century timber framed buildings in the
UK. During the Second World War, East Grinstead was unfortunate enough
to become a secondary target for Luftwaffe bombing after the German
side’s primary target was missed.  There were several casualties, but in
the spirit of all bombed towns during that period, East Grinstead
rebuilt itself with a sense of true British defiance. 

Blue Water Shopping Centre –

Water Shopping centre offers a great shopping experience, as it
contains almost every popular high street store that you could wish to
visit.  It will also spoil you for choice with its numerous top quality
restaurants and state of the art cinema.  With a centre like this
nearby, it’s impossible to say that you live in East Grinstead and are bored!

East Grinstead Farmers Market –

you want to keep your shopping to a more traditional style, then East
Grinstead’s Farmers Market has been around for donkeys’ years, and still
offers simple, traditional produce to the shopper who likes to keep
things local.  Support the little guys and spend some time away from the
golaiths of chain supermarket stores. You’ll find the atmosphere to be
an especially friendly one too.

Deers Leap Bikes –

off the beaten track with your own set of wheels by visiting Deers Leap
Bikes.  It has miles of off-road trails which are perfect for the avid
to the casual cyclist.  You won’t want for anything, as it has all the
amenities from a bike shop to a cafe.

Visit East Grinstead
will have you wantting to do just that!  It packs an informative punch,
with handy tips on where to go, where to stay and most importantly,
where to eat on your trip to the area!

I’ll put the grin back on your face in East Grinstead by fixing all your chimney woes! – James The Sweep

Chimney sweep in East Grinstead


Brighton is one of Britain’s cities that are most famous for its thriving night life.  This seaside resort is always jam packed with flamboyant entertainment and is a hot destination for those celebrating hen and stag do’s.  Never a dull moment!  But Brighton doesn’t only come alive at night.  It is also a scenic seaside backdrop with loads of things to do for people of all ages and tastes.  If clubbing isn’t your thing, then you will still be spoilt for choice! 

Adventure Connections Hen and Stag Activities –

A name that doesn’t take much explanation!  If you want to celebrate your last night of freedom amongst the legally single, but don’t want the headache of organising every little thing from the accommodation to the days out, then Adventure Connections will sort everything out for you.  All the fun and none of the stress!

Royal Pavilion –

It’s not all that often that you get to visit a building labelled “hindu gothic”. The Royal Pavilion is just that, though.  An impressive, stately building that has both gothic and Indian style architectural influences.  It is a rich feast on the eye and tons of fun to explore.  

Brighton Sea Life Centre
If you’re visiting Brighton, you might want to see what life’s like under the sea.  Brighton Sea Life Centre offers you an exclusive peek at the fishy goings-on of all kinds of critters that are normally hidden under the waves.  And if you really want to get involved, it also runs a “behind the scenes tour” for a small (but worth it) extra charge.

Visit Brighton is handily split into sections, depending on the sort of thing that you want to see or do, making planning your day out/ weekend visit a doddle!

If you own a working chimney in Brighton, you’d be a bright one to employ me the next time you need a sweep! – James The Sweep

Brighton lanes by james the chimney sweep


Originally created as a tourist spot, Rusthall has evolved as a popular home to many as well as a place frequently visited by people wanting to get away.  Rusthall was named after its rusty coloured waters, and historically, it has been famed for its cold water baths, which people believed had healing properties.  Only the foundations of these baths still exist, but the community that formed around them hasn’t gone anywhere.

Southwood Road Park –

Want to whittle away a few hours with the family? Rusthall’s Southwood Road Park has everything you’ll need to keep the little ones entertained.  And the bigger ones too!  It has all the usual things that you can expect from a friendly local park as well as a skate park, rope ladders and a zip wire!

Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre –

As well as  three swimming pools and a tennis court, Tunbridge Wells sports centres has amenities for all kinds of sporting activities from squash to football.  If you want to take up a new fitness routine, there are also plenty of classes you can choose from.  You’ll be a pro before you know it!

Penturst Place & Gardens

If the manor house doesn’t leave you speechless, the gorgeous gardens will.  Penthurst Place is a venue for all kinds of events and historical recreations, so if you are planning a visit, make sure you check the website to see what’s in store for you!

The Rusthall Village Association has a website that’s ideal for locals.  It’ll help keep you up to date with news  and events.

Are you a little rusty on the upkeep of your chimney? I regularly brush up on my chimney sweeping skills, so I can step in and do the job for you!

James The Sweep

chimney sweep Rusthall

Langton Green

Langton Green is best known for its good looks!  Only two miles away from Royal Tunbridge Wells, people visit from all over the UK to take in its stunning views. Langton Green has a rich history of Royal Visits, and as far as towns go, it is very well connected!  But don’t let all those high-brow visitors put you off, there is plenty for us common folk to enjoy in the area too! 

The Hare –

Langton Green’s The Hare restaurant offers the best cuisine at prices you can’t quibble with.  It boasts a varied menu so that even the fussiest of eaters will be appeased, and even if you aren’t there to gorge on a full blown meal, it is still the perfect place to go along to and enjoy the cheese platters with some of the best wines going. 

Langton Green Park –

Langton Green Park is one of the safest public parks around for your children to enjoy.  It is an enclosed area with plenty to climb on, and a well-maintained green space for football, cricket, rounders…whatever sport tickles their fancy on the day!

The Beacon –

If The Hare feels a bit hoity-toity to you, then look no further than The Beacon restaurant.  It is a much more intimate setting and nearly all the foods there are sourced locally and prepared onsite, so you know exactly what you’re eating and where it’s come from.  Nothing quite like chowing down in a warm, friendly atmosphere with a clean conscience!

Like all modern towns, Langton Green has its own website to keep you informed about what’s going on and what’s happened recently and historically.  You’ve no excuse to stay out of the loop!

Do you live in Langton Green?  Give my chimney sweeping services a go and you won’t regret the decision! – James The Sweep


Straddling the border of Kent and East Sussex, Groombridge attracts visitors in droves.  Its most well-known attraction is Groombridge Place, which has a history over seven hundred years old, and has been called home by several Kentish distinguished families over the years.

Groombridge Place
As well as being an impressive stately home, Groombridge Place is full of things to take in for the whole family.  You can dine in the elegant Peacock Bistro, whilst watching some of nature’s most regal feathered creatures.  And it’s not all beauty and culture – zip wires, obstacle courses and a park will keep kids entertained until the sun goes down.

St Michael’s Guest House –
If it’s peace and quiet you want, then peace and quiet you shall have!  St Michael’s guest house in Groombridge is tastefully decorated, with all the amenities you could want.  Out of the way of the hustle and bustle of people and traffic, you will finally be reunited with the calm, content thoughts you couldn’t hear over everyone else’s noise!

Groombridge Enchanted Forest –
Groombridge enchanted forest has more than meets the eye.  Marvel at the many kinds of animal that live there, and if you’re feeling daring enough, there’s always the treetop assault course! might not be as slick looking a website as can be expected, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in its huge list of useful links to information about the area.

Could your flue do with a primp, a preen…a bit of grooming, in Groombridge?  Give me a call and it’ll be spick and span in no time!
– James The Sweep

chimney sweep groombridge


Rotherfield boasts the right to call itself one of the largest parish in Sussex.  The area has a distinctively rural feel about it.  Even its name is fitting, as it has been said that it derives from the words Cattle Land.  But it’s not all fields and farming.  Rotherfield does have a somewhat grizzly history since its beginnings as a Saxon settlement.  Three people in recorded history have been burnt at the stake there for their religious beliefs. 

Luckily, the inhabitants of Rotherfield are somewhat more hospitable and easygoing these days!  So, things to do in Rotherfield:

Lightwater Country Park –
Lightwater Country Park in Rotherfield is home to several species of interesting wild critters.  It is predominantly heathland, but there are marshes and woodlands there too for exploring.  The visitors centre will help poiunt of what is is you need to keep your eyes peeled for on your visit, so don’t forget to have a look in there before you venture out into the wilderness!

The Observatory Science Centre –
The Observatory Science Centre is about twenty to thirty minutes’ drive away from Rotherfield, but believe me, it will be worth it!  Set inside a building you can’t miss because of its humungous telescopes, there are several things that you can do, play with and experiment with that will teach adults and kids alike so many things they didn’t know before about the world of science.  Exciting stuff!

Senlac Hill –
If you know your history, then you will be familiar with Senlac Hill – the the grounds on which the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066.  Visit the place where it all happened, and stand where many men fought, conquered and died as they created history.

The contributors of Rotherfield’s Wikipedia page really do know their stuff!  Take a look and perhaps learn something you didn’t know about it!

I am never too far afield from Rotherfield to attend a chimney related emergency! -James The Sweep


With its name deriving from the Celtic for “high place”, Uckfield does stand out as a place of rural beauty.  As well as its natural charms, it is also made up of several pretty buildings from various points in history.  They are maintained to a great standard, and so Uckfield gives the impression of being a quaint British place as opposed to a neglected, ramshackle one.

Tinkers Park –

Tinkers Park is easily reached from Uckfield and is a great day out for anyone who thinks that steam engines are chuffing brilliant!  The trains here are a fascinating link to Britain’s transportation past.  Enter a tourist with a little time to kill, leave a train enthusiast!


Horsted Spa –

Horsted Spa is the only place to be in East Sussex if you are in dire need of winding down, or even just a quick little pick-me-up.  It offers a wide ion of intensive treatments and soothing remedies to the daily grind. All together now – “ahhhhh…”

Uckfield Leisure Centre –§ionTitle=uckfield+leisure+centre

Reconnect with your body by engaging it in some serious (or silly – up to you!) physical activity.  Uckfield Leisure Centre offers a bit ion of fitness classes and activities.  Blast your abs or wallow in the hygienic and much loved swimming pool.

Uckfield likes to keep its residents up to date on what’s happened and what will be happening via its well-kept community website.  If you live in the area, then you truly have no excuse to be under informed!


Hildenborough is a place that is very British in values and appearance.  My favourite example of this is a story from World War Two, when a German soldier accidentally parachuted into the district, and had to be taken to a prisoner of war camp… but not before some extremely friendly neighbours offered their new European friend a lovely cup of tea to see him on his way!  These days, Hildeborough is known for being the family home of double Olympic gold medal winner Kelly Holmes.  Must be something in the tea.

Riding Farm Equestrian Centre –

Riding Farm in Hildenborough is the ideal place to go if you or any of your children fancy taking up a new hobby.  Patient and skilled trainers will have you trotting around the countryside like you’ve been doing it all your life in no time!  Horse riding is something the whole family can take up, as they cater for anyone over the age of four.

The Cock Horse –

Oh, grow up!  Despite its undeniably amusing name, the Cock Horse is one of the best places to stay in Hildenborough.  Previous visitors have described it as being a clean Inn with a friendly atmosphere and portions of food suitable for people with eyes way bigger than their bellies.  Well, that’ll be most of us, then.

Hayden Country Park –

Hayden Country park isn’t too far from Hildenborough, so there really is no excuse not to pay it a visit.  It has several activities you can partake in – from sailing to nature studies.  Or, if you aren’t feeling too much the hobbyist on the day, you can simply bimble around its trails and lake and just take in the scenery as you go.

While Hildenborough doesn’t appear to have its own website, its Wikipedia page has been lovingly filled in by some knowledgeable locals.  Worth a read:

Do you live in Hildenborough and believe your fire place or chimney to be over the hill?  I’ll be you anything it isn’t!  Give me a call, and I’ll prove there’s still life in that old flue yet! – James the Sweep

Hildenborough chimney sweep


Cowden village is a rural and picturesque village in the Sevenoaks district of Kent.  It doesn’t have an especially well known history, and isn’t generally the first must-visit place on the rostas of tourists, but it does have a certain charm to it for its residents.  If you are ever in the area, I advise that you go and check out a quirky single spired church dedicated (unusually) to Mary Magdalene.

The Fountain Inn –
A popular and comfortable pub that offers good, home-made British food and a place to hang your hat of an evening.  So, if you’re in Cowden any time soon and looking for a place to stay and chow down, reviewers recommend The Fountain for its large, hearty portions and warm atmosphere.

Hever Castle And Gardens –
The nearby Hever Castle and Gardens offers so much more than a nose around a very old building! Expect to bump into historical character in the grounds, and once you’re done spotting all of them, there are a couple of great mazes to choose from, as well as an adventure playground to let your little monkeys do their thing in!

Chiddingstone Castle –
Another castle not far from Cowden, but a totally different kind of days out.  Here, you can get hands-on in a real working Victorian kitchen, and explore that building’s massive array of rooms.  Each one has something new to discover – exotic and exciting artifacts like Egyptian figures and Japanese Samurai Swords.  Not something you see every day!

Cowden has its own online village guide for you to have a poke around.  It has many more ideas for what to do in the area, and is full of fun facts and historical tidbits!

Don’t have a cow in Cowden!  Let me fix your flue! -James The Sweep

Cowden by James the chimney sweep


Ticehurst has a sociable, community-orientated vibe to it.  Its village club is the main hub of community activity and pumps out frequent news letters to the locals as well as organises events and activities for residents of the area and their friends and families.  As well as its welcoming atmosphere, it also runs Britain’s very first (and pretty popular!) pick-your-own-fruit farm!

Bewl Water –
Bewl water is a massive reservoir not too far from Ticehurst, where people flock to enjoy their favourite water sporting activities like water skiing and fishing.  If you are the walking, jogging, running or cycling type, then the reservoir here will be perfect for you, as the pathway surrounding the reservoir measures up to a beastly seventeen miles!

Tree Jumpers
Tree jumpers is an activity packed adventure centre that caters for parties, days out and team building workshops.  You can abseil, climb and swing to your heart’s content.  Its staff are thoroughly trained on all health and safety aspects of the activities on offer, and the centre is open for all ages so that not only the young, but also the young at heart can enjoy flinging themselves off high things and meeting a variety of challenges all day long!

Scotney Castle –
Only three miles away from Ticehurst, Scotney Castle is a grand building sat upon acres of fairytale woodland and beautifully cultivated gardens.  The Castle’s current cat in residence is a bit of a minor celebrity, so see if you can locate Puss Puss on his travels while you’re out on yours!  Afterwards, there is a perfectly pleasant tea room for you to sit in and reflect on your day so far.

Wadhurst and Ticehurst have joined forces to create a handy website packed with all you need to know about each area:

Ticehurst resident who is proud of their spick and span chimney?  Let me help you keep it that way!  – James The Sweep


or less in the middle of Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne, Heathfield
began its life as a market town.  These days, Heathfield is a still a
tight-knit community with its own silver band and Army Cadet team.  It’s
also been the home of Jayne Torvill and the legendary Tom Baker of
Doctor Who Fame!

Galin Restaurant & Bistro –
Restaurant provides gourmet grub at a decent price.  People head there
all the time for its first class service and attentive waiters.  Despite
the fact that this popular eatery is often packed out, you are still
guaranteed to leave feeling like a total superstar!

Blackstock Farm –
Farm is a grand day out for the whole family.  It has a play area,
tractor rides and a fantastic cafe to fill your boots in.  It’s not just
a great destination for the kids, though, as its picturesque backdrop
gives the grown-ups plenty to look at while they’re there.

Bently Wildfowl & Motor Museum –
birds, one stone!  For the motor enthusiasts, a range of classic and
rare vehicles can be seen that you may not ever see with your own eyes
and in real life again, and the wildfowl centre lets you get up close
and personal with lots of different types of bird – from geese to big,
pink flamingos!

Craving more intel on Heathfield?  If so, head over to its village website:

Does your chimney in Heathfield need a good health check?  Doctor James at your service!  – James The Sweep

Biggin Hill

Hill was only given its name after the Second World War for its
involvement with a local airfield.  Before then, it was known as
Aperfield.  Whatever you want to call it now, Biggin Hill is a pleasant
area with its own airport, so you’ve no excuse not to visit – it’s very
easily accessible!

Bright Sparks Theatre & Dance Agency

Sparks is the ideal place to go if you think your little spark of life
harbors oodles of talent that’s just waiting to get out!  There are
plenty of classes, events and activities all year round to help your
budding stars to shine!

Biggin Hill Air Show

Hill Airport, ex home of the World War Two fighter station holds an
annual airshow and International Air Fair.  It’s the biggest privately
run flying show in all of Europe and is truly a sight to behold!  Plenty
to see in the sky and plenty to do down on the ground.

Shoreham Aircraft Museum

museum was started up by a collection of local Battle of Britain
enthusiasts.  Their love for collecting important pieces of history
created a well stocked and often visited museum of important treasures
from the past.  A great place to nip to after you’ve taken in the
thrills and spills of Biggin Hill Air Show!

there is anything more at all that you are itching to know about Biggin
Hill, you can visit the Biggin Hill Town Talk website, where you can
get up to the second updates about what’s going on in and around the