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10 reasons why I love sweeping in Tunbridge Wells

James the Sweep loves chimney sweeping in Kent and Sussex. It’s such a beautiful part of the world. There’s nothing better than tootling along in the Kentish countryside for a chimney sweep in Sevenoaks, Southborough or other towns and villages. Based in Tonbridge, James has a particular fondness for Tunbridge Wells, or rather, ROYAL Tunbridge Wells.

Here are 10 reasons why James loves working in T Wells:-

The residents. Are people in Tunbridge Wells different? Everyone knows the famous ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ letter, which has come to represent stuffy middle class England. EM Forster also wrote a negative viewpoint of the town in his novel, A Room with a View when Charlotte Bartlett said she was used to T Wells, ‘where we are all hopelessly behind the times’. – Now, listen, James the Sweep has been sweeping chimneys in T Wells for 20 years and those views of residents are NOT TRUE. Residents in T Wells are warm, friendly, hospitable and not judgemental. T Wells has a lovely community with people who are passionate about their town!

The ‘royal’ bit. Tunbridge Wells was just known as Tunbridge Wells until King Edward VII decided to give a royal charter (in 1909 if you must know) and henceforward the town was officially called Royal Tunbridge Wells. It’s actually very fitting because the general ambience of T Wells, whether it’s the Georgian/Victorian architecture or atmosphere, feels regal. T Wells looks and feels like a special town and the ‘royal’ prefix recognises that!

The Pantiles. There’s always a buzz about this town centre hub and nearby High Street. It has a relaxing feel to it, a bit like the Mediterranean. All sorts of cafes, eateries and independent shops thrive there. Located at the heart of the town, this Georgian-era walkway and colonnade was the epicentre for the landed gentry wanting to bathe in the town’s mineral waters, with the Chalybeate Spring at the northern part of the hub.

The Chalybeate Spring is the reason why T Wells developed. The popularity of the spring for noblemen and ladies dates back more than 400 years. The waters are high in iron and this was seen as good for all sorts of health conditions. Quite right too!

The Spa Valley Railway. The sight of one of these historic steam or diesel trains choo-chooing along the heritage railway line always makes you smile! Trains run from Tunbridge Wells Railway Station in the town itself to Eridge and High Rocks, Groombridge. It’s wonderful to have such an attraction
within T Wells itself.

Shopping non-stop. It’s not just The Pantiles that offers amazing shops. There’s the High Street (already mentioned) plus the Royal Victoria Shopping Centre and Calverley Precinct as well as Camden Road. Shops seem to be everywhere in T Wells!

Food – whatever you want, you’ll find it in Royal Tunbridge Wells! Old fashioned English food fare, Kentish specialities, Chinese, Sushi, Thai, Indian, numerous gasro pubs and the regular farmers’ market and other food fests. James the Sweep’s favourite is chimney cake, of course…

Nature. The town of Royal Tunbridge Wells is on the northern part of the High Weald. T Wells is surrounded by the beauty of the Kentish countryside and there are a number of parks in the town such as the Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons and Calverley Ground. Tunbridge Wells Common, Grosvenor and Hilbert Park, Groombridge Place and Dunorlan Park are also worth a visit.

Arty stuff. Residents in T Wells love nothing better than joining in a music spectacle, laughing at a play and admiring museum exhibits. T Wells caters for all that with venues such as Trinity Arts Centre, The Forum and Assembly Hall Theatre.

Chimneys. That might be a surprise but from James the Sweep’s point of view, chimneys are a MUST on the list. For the simple reason that chimneys in T Wells are beautiful, whether in a terraced home, semi detached or detached, or a stately home.

Burn right and get it right with James the Sweep!

James the Sweep talking about the Burnright campaign on a Guild of Master Sweeps video

James the Sweep talking about the Burnright campaign on a Guild of Master Sweeps video

We all breathe the same air – and we all want that to be fresh air! That’s why James the Sweep has been delivering ‘Burnright’ brochures to customers all over Kent (Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, etc) and Sussex (Crowborough, etc) in the past month or two.

Why? Because James is passionate about residents and local businesses enjoying efficient wood fire stoves and open fires, alongside clean chimneys, which do not harm the local environment. He is often asked the same questions by residents about how to burn wood correctly and he’s happy to answer queries. But Burnright is a handy guide, which you can keep close to hand and refer to when needed, giving you the recommended instructions for indoor fires.

Burnright gives handy tips on how to burn indoor fires efficiently. Air pollution is a widespread problem and poisonous air is caused by a number of factors such as agriculture, construction and engines. Indoor fires (stoves, open fires) are often overlooked but they can cause tiny particles of pollution inside a home or workplace.