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Guild Of Master Sweeps Certified

Helping vulnerable elderly people

The need for tradesmen serving the elderly professionally has never been greater in the county of Kent. Local authority figures show that the total population of those aged 65-plus has increased from 301,000 in 2015 to 332,200 in 2020. That includes 1,708 adults with dementia in Tunbridge Wells (an increase from 1,986 people with dementia in T Wells five years ago).

James the Sweep is acutely aware of the need for professional service levels when it comes to older people. He has served consumers in the wider county of Kent for more than 20 years and that includes, of course, a fair number of senior citizens. It goes without saying that just because someone is in their winter years, they aren’t still full of life. In fact, James can’t count the number of customers who display an impressive fitness rate; it’s hard to keep up with some of them! It’s a positive attitude that counts, not circumstances or biology.

Even so, for relatives there can be a concern about the welfare of older parents, aunts and uncles. That’s why James the Sweep is very careful to ensure that when chimneys of vulnerable older folk are cleaned, that these customers understand the processes involved and any information can be relayed back clearly to any relatives involved.

James the Sweep gives four specific areas of customer care to elderly people, as appropriate and depending upon the individuals concerned:-

Friendly – James has built up a robust customer base in local towns and villages of Kent partly because he is a very friendly, integral character. His cheerful disposition is welcomed by older people who enjoy having a bit of a chat about life. James takes time to enjoy their company without being patronising and being completely respectful.

Empathy – James the Sweep understands that some older folk (not all) have specific care needs. Little things can matter and getting the chimney swept can become a big worry. James takes time to reassure older customers that the chimney flue will be thoroughly inspected and swept, so that they do not need to worry.

Communicative – James the Sweep is a great communicator. He will take time to listen and answer any questions. He is also happy to be in contact (with permission) with any relatives to give them peace of mind that the chimney of their loved elder has been dealt with in the appropriate manner. James the Sweep will not leave a home until the customer (of whatever age, in fact) feels reassured that the sweeping has been conducted to the highest of industry standards and they are free to safely use the indoor fire.

Professional – As a member of the Guild of Master Sweeps, James the Sweep is professional in every aspect of the work involved. Older people can be given the reassurance that the work has been completed properly and there are no issues in the chimney, which need addressing. If any remedial work is needed, James will communicate this clearly to the customer and/or any relatives as appropriate.

If you are ‘getting on in years’ or have an older relative in the Kent area who needs a chimney swept, please do discuss the situation directly with James the Sweep. Call him now on 07587 134589.